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Blue Infrastructure Mapping of Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has awarded ‘Mayors Research Fellowship’ to 10 researchers with advanced level of relevant knowledge, experience and expertise to support KMC’s evidence-based policymaking initiatives or to help KMC identify needs-based feasible projects for the physical and social development. 

Executive Director of Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction was one of the awarded researchers. Er. Gautam presented his proposals in Blue Infrastructure Mapping of Kathmandu Valley. Blue infrastructure includes all the forms of water elements, like rivers, canals, ponds, wetlands, floodplains, water treatment facilities either natural or artificial, dynamic or static, which sustain the basic requirements for running and developing a city. It plays a very role in managing stormwater, improving ecological connections, and mitigating urban heat island effects, maintain natural water cycles and increase flood resilience. 

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been facing a serious of prone to deadly flood risk due to rapid urbanization, climate change and reckless use of land. This blue infrastructure mapping approach seeks to mitigate flooding and improve the quality of stormwater discharge providing multiple benefits to cities as conserving local water resources, improving livability and supporting biodiversity. This study has been initiated by a desire to integrate water resources conservation and management alongside Disaster Risk Reduction and to bridge the gap between research and practice.