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The architecture of the metamorphic core of the himalaya

Published Date: 30 Aug, 2020
Time : 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Presenter : Assoc Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Carosi
Theme : Geo Science for Sustainable Development
Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction

About Presenter:

Rodolfo Carosi graduated at Pisa University and is full professor at the Univerisity of Torino (Italy) since 2011. He is specialised in structural geology and tectonics, with a special focus on the evolution of modern and ancient orogenic belts spanning from Himalaya, Antarctica, Alps, southern China, Albania, Spain to Sardinia and Northern Apennines.

Aims of researches include understanding the (1) growth and collapse of orogens, (3) continental transpression tectonics, (3) deformations, metamorphism and exhumation of deep-seated rocks, (4) strain and kinematics of high-strain shear zones.

My expertise lies in Tectonics, Regional Geology (geological mapping and synthesis) and Structural analysis including microstructures, outcrop and regional scale. Structural analysis is performed also by microstructural investigations, relations between deformation and metamorphism, finite strain and vorticity of the flow. Recently quantitative oriented studies include numerical simulation of high-strain shear zones and a mathematical approach on deformation.

I am mainly interested in field-oriented studies dealing with ductile and brittle deformation processes, evolution of crustal-scale shear zones and faults and associated microstructural fabric development and fold/fault relationships, geological field-mapping. I am also interested by the application of U-Th- Pb geochronology and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology to continental tectonics. I am currently studying the structural evolution of the Greater Himalayan Sequence and Tethyan Sedimentary Sequence in central Himalaya, with emphasis on the models and timing of exhumation of the crystalline units. He is also involved in projects focussing on the Tectonic evolution of the Ross Orogen (Antarctica) and tectonic units in the Alps and  Northern Apennines.

He published more than 100 papers in international peer review journals and geological maps.

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