Faulting in the Himalaya: What do the rocks tell us, what do lake sediments tell us?

by suraj

Webinar Series on GeoScience for Sustainable Development (Episode no 4)

“Faulting in the Himalaya: What do the rocks tell us, what do lake sediments tell us? “

Here is the Facebook Link & YouTube link for the recorded webinar,

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Mary Hubbard, Professor of Geology, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, USA
Moderator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Basanta Raj Adhikari, Department of Civil Engineering, IOE Pulchowk, Tribhuvan University

About our Presenter

Dr. Mary Hubbard is a Professor of geology at Montana State University in the US. Her research interests are structural geology and tectonics with an emphasis on mountain building. She began her research in Nepal in 1985 while working towards her PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her post-doctoral position at the ETH, Switzerland took her to the western Alps and to the Pakistani Himalaya. Since that time she has also worked in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the Mauritanides of eastern Senegal, the Damara belt in Namibia, the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains. During her career, she has served 17 years in university administration as a department head, a dean of science, and a vice provost for global engagement. In the last five years she has returned to research in Nepal and in 2017 she was a Fulbright Specialist at the Tri Chandra Multiple Campus in Kathmandu. She has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar fellowship to return to Nepal in 2021 and 2022.


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